Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Services

Our Brokerage Services

CSA Realty Group is a leading provider in commercial real estate brokerage services with access to industrial, retail, and office commercial real estate properties in the Austin area. Through an expansive directory of listings, our experienced professionals are able to provide clients with properties that match their unique needs and requirements. Our brokers have the resources and insight to understand the local market and the expertise to convert this knowledge into tangible value for all of their clients. Our professionals stand ready to help clients discover untapped commercial real estate market opportunities and to deliver a range of services designed to add value to their businesses.


Finding the perfect location and negotiating a lease can be a difficult experience. We are here to serve as your ally – with our intrinsic knowledge of the local commercial real estate market, our experienced professionals are here to help protect and serve you through every step of your leasing transaction.


                                             A few other things to keep in mind

Specialists in all property types: retail, office, and industrial.
Our in-house property maintenance is always on call and at your service.
This is our home too, and we know the central Texas market.