Our Mission

Our mission is our clients' success

Sixteen years ago, Juan Creixell, President of CSA Realty Group, had visions. He saw manicured lawns where there were scrubby landscapes, striving communities in deserted apartment complexes and fresh paint on run-down buildings. Today CSA Realty Group manages properties in Austin, San Antonio, Waco, San Marcos, College Station and Mexico that range from five hundred thousand to five million dollars in value. That's more than one million square feet of property totaling nearly sixty million dollars.

Leasing, Leasing, Leasing

Yes, we do leasing. It is paramount to our clients' success. CSA Realty Group maintains a strong leasing division with the ability to quickly search and find the right match of residents and tenants for our clients.

More than property management

In addition to leasing, we rebuild and revitalize properties, tighten financial controls and organize bookkeeping for greater financial efficiency. Our fully integrated management services include marketing, leasing, accounting, customized financial reporting, brokerage, redevelopment and 24-hour on-call maintenance. The results of our work are improved properties experiencing:

  • Higher occupancy per property
  • Above market rental rates
  • Less resident/tenant turnover
  • Higher yield cash flow